Display Campaigns

Two ways to build consistent exposure with banner ads targeted to your ideal customers.

Smart Display: 
Be the first name the right people remember when it's time to buy. Check it out.
Pinpoint Display: 
Capture mobile customers who are passing you by. Check it out.

Why do you need Display ads?


of people said that display ads influence their purchase decisions.

Build awareness with the right people

Capture the attention of customers most likely to buy with eye-catching, strategically targeted display ads.

Be smart with your budget

Maximize the return you can expect by only advertising to your ideal customer.

Succeed with an expert edge

Drive better results with a Google DoubleClick-certified expert who will customize and continually optimize your campaign.

Smart Display

  • Display your banner ads on websites as your customers browse online.
  • Target your ads to people who have actively searched for your type of business or topics related to it.
  • Focus on local customers by targeting your ads to people in your local area.
  • Retarget your ads to customer who have recently visited your website by adding a snippet of code to your site.
  • Increase your campaign's impact with an expertly written and designed display ad.
  • Receive detailed reports with information such as:
    • how many people saw your ads and clicked through to your website
    • a map highlighting the areas where customers seeing your ads are located.
  • Maximize your campaign with mobile placement, more impressions and refined targeting by upgrading to Smart Display Plus or Smart Display Premium.
Man on laptop in a store - Video - Yellow Pages Smart Display Product

Pinpoint Display

  • Display your banner ads specifically to mobile users.
  • Target potential customers with pinpoint precision: as close as 50 metres from your chosen location, during a selected time frame.
  • Count on end-to-end service that includes ad creation, campaign management and detailed reporting.
  • Meet regularly with your personal Campaign Manager to stay focused on your business goals.
  • Increase your campaign efficiency with more impressions and mobile retargeting by upgrading to Pinpoint Display Plus.

Meet the experts

Emily Dupras-Rioux - Display Campaign Manager at Yellow Pages

“I share my knowledge with small business owners and I learn about them too. That’s how we work together to reach their business goals.”

Emily Dupras-Rioux, Campaign Manager
John Barcarlos - Display Campaign Manager at Yellow Pages

“I work with businesses in different industries to get their message out to the right people at the right time. No matter the industry what stays the same is their passion.”

John Barcarlos, Campaign Manager
Miranda Caldwell - Display Campaign Manager - Team Lead at Yellow Pages

“Small businesses keep our neighbourhoods unique and interesting. That’s why I support their growth in both my personal and professional life.”

Miranda Caldwell, Campaign Manager Team Lead

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