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Advertise on the YP network

  • Priority Placement

    Promote your business profile with ads on local business search.

  • Mobile Priority Placement

    Boost your YP business profile to the top of mobile searches.

  • Print Advertising

    Reach ready-to-buy customers with the Yellow Pages directory.

  • Direct Mail

    Grow your reach, brand engagement and your client base with our Direct Mail solution.


Harness Search and Social

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Increase the amount and quality of traffic your website is getting from search engines.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Partner with pros for your pay-per-click campaigns on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

  • Display Campaigns

    Target your banner ads to local, interested customers when it matters.

  • Social Media Ads

    Targeted and optimized social media ads.

  • Social Media Management

    Work with experts to increase your social media presence.

  • Multi-Channel Ads

    Reach your target audience across a variety of channels with expertly designed campaigns.


Strengthen your online presence

  • Yellow Pages Websites
    Powered by Wix

    Professional websites built on the leading web development platform, Wix

  • Presence and Reputation Management

    Manage and sync your business information across Canada’s top search sites and apps.

  • Video Services

    Make a professional, lasting impression on potential customers.


Promotions & Limited-Time Offers

Benefit from the latest valuable promotions and offers from Yellow Pages to help you to reach your business goals today!

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Today’s digital world is complex and rapidly changing. It can be challenging for busy business owners to keep up with it. We’re here to help. When you choose YP, you get personalized advice on the right digital marketing solutions to reach more customers.

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