Mobile Priority Placement

Boost your YP business profile to the top of mobile searches

Rank higher than your competition when people search on the YP app and mobile website. Stand out with added features and a Call button for faster results.

Why do you need Mobile Priority Placement?

6 million

people have downloaded the YP mobile app.

Rank higher than your competition

Get better visibility than your competition so you’re seen first when people are searching.

Be chosen more often

Make your profile more enticing with added features and a Call button. They make it even easier for customers to call and get directions!

Put your brand front and centre

Stand out with your logo and use promotional text to convince people to click on your ad.


  • Jump to 2nd position in searches on the YP mobile app and mobile website.
  • Get customers tapping with a bright yellow click-to-call button and a directions button.
  • Catch their eye with a blue coloured background that stands out from free business profiles.
  • Get better branding with your logo, a link to your website and catchy promo text that’s searchable.
  • Display all of your business locations in a link on your profile.
  • Track the number of people who are clicking and calling, plus which keywords bring them to you in YP Analytics.
  • Get bonus appearances in search results lower down the page and on your competitor’s profile pages who have freebusiness profiles (when available).

Want more? Choose the premium level of Mobile Placement.

  • Stand out with a 40% larger display.
  • Add a deal to entice customers.
  • Get an additional searchable tagline to get people tapping on your profile.

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