Doco Enterprises is committed to producing superior-quality doors and windows under the Concerto banner. We have been listening to our clients and the market since 1996. We work tirelessly to ensure the comfort of our clients by constantly improving products adapted to their specific needs.

What’s important to you?

 As a manufacturer, my business is mainly business-to-business and I sell mostly to contractors. They don’t really go on Facebook or the Internet to find new suppliers. It’s more word of mouth, our service and the experience that you provide that brings us our clientele. It’s important for us to build a good name and recognition for our brand so people are confident to buy a house because one of their suppliers is Doco.

Why did you choose Yellow Pages?

We’ve been with Yellow Pages on the digital side, since about 2012. We had a website which was getting almost no traffic. The first mandate that they received was to build a new website. Today we’re averaging almost 1500 website visits a month. After that, we added more services.

What solutions do you have with Yellow Pages?

We advertise on and the YP mobile app. We added SEO, Facebook development and campaigns, Google AdWords. We do so many things.

What Yellow Pages solution do you like best?

My personal favourite would be Facebook. We tried to manage our Facebook account for about a year and were at only 97 friends. Yellow Pages started managing our Facebook account and in a few months we were at 1000 followers and two years later we’re at 3000 followers. In our business that’s quite impressive.

What’s it like working with your Yellow Pages Digital Advisor?

Manon Sarrasin is my first point of contact and she’s always on the ball! When you ask her something no matter when it is, she always answers promptly and she makes sure that everything moves forward all the time. Besides her, there are a lot of people, I think I know just about everybody at Yellow Pages! I’ve met so many specialists, there’s really a big team behind her.

So you’re happy with the Yellow Pages team?

We have a lot of telephone meetings. For follow-ups on the different campaigns that we’re doing. Manon is always there but everybody that’s implicated in one way or another is on the call as well. It’s not a one-man show, it’s really a big team that takes care of your special needs.

What’s the best part about working with Yellow Pages?

 It’s really like having your own Marketing department but you don’t have to pay for all of it. So as a small and medium business, that’s good. You’ve got all kinds of specialties that are available but you only pay for what you need instead of having all that staff working directly for you.

What would you tell other business owners?

I recommend Yellow Pages! People still think that Yellow Pages are pages. They don’t realize how digital that Yellow Pages is. People saw the growth that we had on Facebook so they kind of noticed that Yellow Pages is something else. Yellow Pages still has a lot of work to do to let everybody else know but they let everyone know what we do best.

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