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Promote your business profile with ads on YP.ca local business search.

1/3 of Canadians are searching for local businesses on YP.ca each month, which is more than any other Canadian web site. With Priority Placement, your business will appear higher on search results and engage in more meaningful interactions with potential customers!

The value of Priority Placement


of clicks on YP.ca are in the top 10 search results. Increase your visibility by trending at the top of search results

Rank higher than the competition

by appearing higher on search results, you’re standing out from the competition and getting noticed

Increase your Meaningful Contacts

Receive more value calls and visits from potential customers who are actively looking to buy.

Expand your visibility

on search engines and sites like Google, Apple Maps and Yahoo! More exposure, the better return on your investment!

Striving for the best customer service experience.

Michelle has always strived to keep me informed of the latest trends, what marketing solutions she feels will work best for my company, and how to maximize my advertising budget to accomplish my goals. She invests the time to learn about my business and try to understand it as best she can to accomplish these tasks. Sadly, most customers will not take the time I have today to let others know about their employees but I am, and will continue to let other associates of mine know of my dealings with Michelle and Yellow Pages, and recommend them both highly!

Stacey Schmitz, President of Northlander Radiator Service

Logo Northlander Radiator


  • Create an attractive and detailed business profile that will drive potential customers to engage in meaningful dialogue.
  • Have the competitiveness of your local market analyzed by a YP Digital Advisor. 
  • Choose the placement that will drive your competitive edge and fit your budget. 
  • Benefit from added value of increased visibility from YP.ca partners (Google, Yahoo! Apple Maps, etc.), by including links to your YP.ca business profile in their search results. 
  • Track your results within 48 hours of your Priority Placement going live on YP.ca. 
  • Review your results in YP Analytics to see how many meaningful contacts (calls, emails, walk-ins) your ad is generating.
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With Mobile based searches soaring in popularity, adding a mobile aspect to your digital marketing strategy is now a must.

Yellow Pages’ Mobile Priority Placement will help you rank higher on mobile searches and on the YP app!

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