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Meet MyTime by Yellow Pages, a business-boosting solution designed to help Canadian businesses save time and increase their bottom line.

Why do you need MyTime by Yellow Pages?


Or more

revenue growth by improving how you atract, manage and keep customers1

Help clients do busines with you

Give your clients more options by letting them book right from Facebook, your website and the Yellow Pages website and app – even when you’re closed.

Get more done in less time

Manage your bookings, messages and schedule anytime, anywhere with the easy-to-use MyTime website and mobile app.

Boost your sales

Increase recurring visits by 30% and turn browsers into clients by improving communications with instant messaging and emails.

Are you getting the most out of each day?


Be more productive with daily tasks like booking, scheduling and communications
using MyTime by Yellow Pages, a powerful, all-in-one solution.

Online Scheduling


Receive 20% more appointments with 24/7 booking and easier scheduling1

Sometimes boosting your revenue can be as assay as managing your calendar more efficiently.

  • Capture additional bookings by accepting appointments on various online platforms, even when you’re closed
  • Focus on serving in-store clients while online browsers book their preferred employee and location
  • Approve online bookings automatically or manually
Appointment management
  • Avoid double-bookings by syncing all your calendars in one place
  • Manage your schedule anytime, anywhere by using MyTime on your desktop and mobile device


Employee scheduling
  • Give all your employees personal accounts with custom access, availabilities, services and prices
  • Calculate wages and commissions more easily by having employees clock in and out
  • Optimize staff schedules by adding buffers and setup times in-between appointments



Communicate effortlesly with your clients

Stay in touch with a convenient messaging tool that allows you to manage appointments and messages all in one place.

  • Send and receive messages and pictures instantly right from your calendar
  • Let clients choose whether they want to receive your messages via SMS or email
  • Keep automatically saved conversation sand past purchases at your fingertip
  • Build loyalty by never missing an opportunity to connect in real time with unique, personal service

Automated Email & SMS Marketing


Keep clients coming back with personalized communications

  • Cut down on administrative tasks by automating appointment confirmations and re-booking reminders
  • Customize templates with your logo,images, a booking but on and other features
  • Send email and SMS messages instantly or at a later time
  • Increase recurring visits by 20% by sending personalized messages based on clients’ profiles and past purchases1
  • Fill up empty time slots by creating promotions for slower periods and last-minute cancelations

Client Relationship Manager


Increase recurring visits by 30%1 by knowing what your clients like

Keeping track of your customers’ preferences and past purchases can really pay off

  • Create detailed profiles for each of your clients with contact information, photos, personalized notes,past purchases and more
  • Foster loyalty by setting special prices for VIPs that only they see when booking
  • Increase visits with personalized emails and promotions based on each client’s purchase history, preferences and profile
  • Save valuable time by retrieving clients’ personal details and communicating with them straight from their profiles

Reporting & Analytics


Real-time insights at your fingertips

No one knows your business beter than you, but you can push your business even further with real insights about your performance.

  • View key statistics at a glance or dive deeper into detailed reports on specific parts of your business
  • See what’s working and where you can do better with the facts at your fingertips
  • Promote your business to new and existing clients by knowing your most popular services and how they are booked
  • Make scheduling clients and staff a breeze with a clear view into your busiest times
  • Recognize your top performers by easily tracking sales and commissions

(1) MyTime, US Performance Data, 2016-2017. Actual performance may vary.
(2) Twilio Global Mobile Messaging Consumer Report, 2016

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